Why Try Online Dating?

Published May 15, 2015

The dating scene can be difficult to navigate, and if I’m honest, downright brutal. From speed dating to the occasional blind date horror story, the entire process can make you want to go to the pet store, pick the domesticated animal of your choice, drive home and stay put for the rest of your life. Before you do that, we’d like you to take a moment and exhale. Now try online dating.

I know your mind is being bombarded with endless questions and concerns. What does that say about me and my ability to choose a potential mate? Does that mean I don’t meet the expectations of the all the eligible bachelors or bachelorettes I’ve encountered? I’d like to offer a resounding no to all three of those questions. That’s not what that means at all. Venturing into the world of online dating says so many positive things about you and your perspective on love and finding your potential spouse. It says that you are willing to do whatever it takes to find and and be found. I’d like to give you three good reasons to try online dating.

3 Reasons to try Online Dating

  1. It exposes you to an entirely new group of people to choose from and be chosen. How often do you look around and get frustrated with looking at the same people who either have no interest in you or are too afraid to speak up about it. Online dating is a bit easier in this regard because people on there are already putting themselves out there. They, like you, are tired of being bystanders to unlocking their happiness.
  2. It teaches you things about yourself you never knew. From writing an online profile to finding and selecting the best picture of you to post, you experience a great deal of self discovery during the entire online dating process. This will help you in every aspect of life; not just online dating.
  3. It’s fun. If nothing else, you get to meet and chat with people you wouldn’t have even known existed. This in and of itself is worth giving it a shot.

Wherever you are in the dating journey, online dating is worth a shot. So get yourself together and create your profile today!

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