Online Dating for Singles in Their Thirties

Published April 24th

Online dating for singles in their thirties can be difficult. Many people have preconceived notions about why you chose online dating in the first place. Oftentimes, they are under the presumption that you couldn’t hack it the traditional way, so you found something that required less work and increased the probability that you would get a date.

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Are you an honest online dater?

Published April 20th

The bedrock to all relationships is respect and honesty. Honesty in dating is exceptionally important, as it is impossible to have a long, loving, and lasting relationship that is built on dishonesty. Also, think about how frustrating it is to meet someone that was dishonest in their online dating profile. They lured you in only to gravely disappoint you after getting to know them.

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Overcoming Online Dating Fears

Published April 17th

For those of us who are single, it’s difficult searching for a mate the traditional way. When we entered the workforce, we were told not to date our co-workers, so that group of men and women have and always will be ineligible mates. Then, when we go to church and everyone there is either married or they’ve dated your friend or acquaintance so they’re off-limits.

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Find good online dating profiles examples for women

Published April 13th

When I first started online dating I was able to find many tips about uploading online dating photo to my profile.

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Liar, Liar Pants on Fire: Online Dating Profiles

Published April 10th

When first starting to write our online dating profiles, we’ve all been guilty of it at some point. Envision this: You start typing and think about everything that’s wonderful about you. You fill the screen with words the people who love you most in this world would use to describe you. Then after you’ve exhausted every word in your vocabulary that describe just how awesome you are…Finally…it is finished. Here is this irresistible person on the page whose inbox will be flooded the moment you hit save and publish. Your masterpiece, your ode to you is complete. There’s just one problem: After […]

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Your online dating profile sucks!

Published April 6th

So, I was perusing a well-known online dating site and I spent an hour reading online dating profiles. Many of the online dating profiles failed to give any good information about the online dater. I left many of the profiles wondering if the dater was looking for a long term relationship, a friend, or just a hookup. I didn’t know what the person enjoyed doing in their free time or anything significant. At one point I said out loud, “Your online dating profile sucks! You should have paid someone to write your profile for you.”

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What Men Need To Know About Online Dating Profile Examples To Attract Women

Published November 4th

As a man dating online can be difficult because men don’t know what it is that women want to read in a profile. So, what often happens is that men look at websites that offer examples of the best online dating profiles for men. Examples on the websites use language that sounds impressive and interesting, and so a lot of times guys actually use the online dating profile examples for men as their own.

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Top Reasons To Use An Online Dating Profile Service

Published November 4th

Online dating is more and more common with an estimated 40 million people in the United States putting their profile on at least one online dating site. With all that activity many people looking for that perfect someone online are surprised when they don’t get any responses or they are getting all the wrong responses. What may be the problem for many is that they haven’t used an online dating profile writing service and aren’t saying what they mean to say.

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How You Can Use Examples Of A Good Online Dating Profile For Women To Tweak Your Introduction

Published September 13th

It is important to think of your dating profile on any online site as an introduction to your personality that can never be repeated. It is like a virtual first impression and, if it isn’t interesting, you aren’t going to attract the type of dates you are looking for. The biggest problem is that you can’t just Google “online dating profile about me sample for women” and find the perfect match for you.

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