Online Dating Do’s and Don’ts

Published April 27, 2015

We have a small list of online dating do’s and don’ts to help the new online daters get the outcome they desire (a date).

  1. DON’T be afraid to make the first contact . You may have browsed through dozens of online dating profiles but are a little intimated to send a flirt or message to someone that has caught your eye. This kind of behavior will keep you single. You have to be brave and take a chance at love. Send that message; let them know you are interested. If they never message you back it is ok. At least you did your part to show that you are interested in them.
  2. When meeting for the first time DO meet in a PUBLIC place. Safety is always important and you should never give someone your address or show them where you live until you are comfortable with them. Meet in a place that is neutral to both of you like a mall, restaurant, or coffee shop. You definitely want to be in a location with other people around. DON’T worry if the other dater doesn’t want to meet you publicly because anyone not willing to respect your need for safety isn’t someone you should be dating.
  3. When you plan to meet someone for the first time, make sure you show up and DON’T be late. There is nothing worse than sitting at a coffee shop patiently waiting for the man or women you have been messaging and talking to over the phone for last month only for them to be a no show. If you find that your fellow online dater has stood you up, DO yourself a favor and DON’T go out with them again. You and your time are far too valuable to be treated poorly.

These are just a few tips, what other topics do you what tip about? Let us know in the comment section.

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