Are People Reading My Online Dating Profile?

Published May 8, 2015

Imagine you have directed all of your energy toward fine-tuning your online dating profile. You’ve had your profile professionally written by Profiles Made Perfect, selected the most flattering picture of yourself to post and are now ready to roll the di in the online dating scene. Then for a moment, you wonder if the money and time you’ve dedicated to it all even matters to the one you are trying to attract. Does your online dating profile really matter? Are they reading it at all?

I’d like to answer those questions with an emphatic, resounding: YES! Your online dating profile matters and serious online daters are dissecting it to find out if you are the person they’ve been searching for. Please note I did say serious online daters. Unfortunately there are people on the online dating scene strictly for people with looks and a quick night of…well…you know.

Spotting Those Who Don’t Read Your Online Dating Profile

I recently listened to a podcast about online dating that alluded to this. There was a young lady who had similar concerns and wanted to test this theory. She received permission from a friend, who was a model, and used her image as her profile picture. Then she embarked upon a journey to create the most vile person she could envision and posted a profile reflecting just that. She wrote the opposite of anything you would think of as good and kind. Surprisingly she still had a decent number of men who sent her direct messages wanting to meet her. This was her way of identifying those who weren’t there for love.

Now there’s no judgement on my end if that’s your end goal. I would just beware and steer clear if you are looking for a long-term relationship. As I noted earlier, those who are serious about finding the love of their life through online dating are reading your profile and sizing you up. Trust the experts at Profiles Made Perfect and take your time with your online dating profile. It matters.

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